Raman Spektroskopisi

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Renishaw manufactures a wide range of optical spectroscopy products, including: Raman microscopes, compact process monitoring Raman spectrometers, Raman analysers for scanning electron microscopes, lasers for spectroscopy, and state-of-the-art cooled CCD detectors.

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Renishaw is a recognised leader in Raman spectroscopy. It has a team of over 100 scientists and engineers specialising in the production of fully configurable Raman systems.

We can help you get the best Raman spectroscopy solution for your needs.

Our systems offer the highest levels of flexibility and performance. Customers worldwide rely upon them to provide superior information across a diverse range of fields and applications.

Renishaw's Spectroscopy Products Division is part of a global company, established in 1973, that has a foundation built on superior engineering.

A sound investment, built to last.

By choosing Renishaw products you can be confident you have made an excellent investment. Your Raman system will be easy to use and will produce repeatable, reliable data, even from challenging samples. And it will last.


Raman applications inVia Raman microscope AFM Raman SEM Raman
Leica microscope  inVia Reflex + enclosure  Nanonics SPM combined with an inVia Raman microscope Renishaw SEM-SCA on JEOL SEM

Research laboratories, development labs and production lines worldwide employ the Renishaw Raman microscopes and analysers in a diverse range of fields - for example, in the computer hard disc, pharmaceutical, polymer, semiconductor and chemical industries.

More exotic applications include the identification of drugs and explosives by forensic scientists, and the analysis of paint and pigments on historic works of art as an aid to accurate restoration.

Raman Revealed training workshops, held twice a year, help you get the most out of your inVia Raman microscope.


Raman image gallery

Raman images generated using Renishaw's inVia microRaman system powered by WiRE™ software

Silicon indent - peak position map  

Exhibitions, conferences and training

Details of opportunities to meet your local Renishaw Raman specialists.

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