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Craniomaxillofacial implants and software

Simplifying and streamlining the production of customised CMF/OMF implants and guides.

No two patients are the same, so why should their implants be the same? Customised implants allow for personalised healthcare, helping to ensure each patient gets the very best treatment.


LaserImplants are metal 3D printed craniomaxillofacial (CMF) patient specific implants (PSIs) and surgical guides which can be provided with optional polycarbonate anatomical models.


  • High strength titanium
  • Autoclavable
  • Highly flexible due to Renishaw X-Flex™ technology
  • Manufactured under ISO 13485


  • Designed direct from patient CT data
  • Fast turnaround - less than 5 days or 10 days for cranial plates
  • Enables accurate cutting, positioning and fixation
  • Ideal for simple or complex procedures

Cranial implants

LaserImplant Cranial plate

Allowing a high degree of design freedom these feature a range of options, including flexibility slits, ID marking and fluid-transfer / suture holes.

Positioning guides

LaserImplant Zygomatic placement guide

Can be used to position osteotomised bone or implants prior to final fixation, helping to improve placement accuracy and speed.

Mandibular plates

LaserImplant Jaw plate

A customised plate typically used to secure a flap within a sectioned mandible. In most cases used as part of a cancer treatment plan.

Orbital implants

LaserImplant Orbital floor implant

Custom orbital implants help to achieve a more predictable globe position. It's also possible to produce multi-part implants if access is restricted.

Free-flap guides

LaserImplant Fibula cutting guide

Drilling and cutting guides that help reduce surgery time and improve accuracy by translating surgical planning into real life.

Maxilliary plates

LaserImplant Maxilla implant

A custom plate typically used to hold a section of fibula in place during maxillary reconstruction. Often, as part of a cancer treatment plan.

Mid-facial implants

LaserImplant Facial implants

A variety of plates can be used for fixation of bony sections.

Mandibular guides

LaserImplant Mandibular cutting and drilling guides

Drilling and cutting guides that help reduce surgery time and improve accuracy by translating surgical planning into real life.

ADEPT CMF design

  • Take full control of implant design
  • Efficiently create custom orbital and cranial implants
  • Import DICOM (CT) data direct without the need for additional software
  • Developed with surgeons for healthcare professionals
  • Reduce design time by up to 90% compared to existing CAD options



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